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Working with Mask

The Hybrid

By combining both services The Hybrid eliminates the greatest barrier in recruitment today: a lack of transparency.

Call Center

More Exposure

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to maximize exposure for your search. When we are able to broadcast your company name and details candidates are far more likely to share your opportunity with friends and colleagues. The packaging development community is small and full of connections. Let us make those connections work for you.


More Trust

Today's work force values authenticity. Sharing details up front doesn't just expose your job to more people, it also builds trust. Create more interest and attract top talent by allowing us to sell your company by name. When we can include verifiable details about your job opening and the selling points of your company we can attract more interest.

Calculate Savings

More Value

With The Hybrid you get every service from both the Contingency Search and Marketing Campaign. That means we advertise your company BY NAME and recruit through job postings, email campaigns, social media posts, and one-on-one conversations in an aggressive recruitment model. The result is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

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