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Are you a degreed engineer working in the packaging industry? Then you’re in the right place. PackStaff will help you advance your career and keep you informed on the current job market.

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How Can We Help You?

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PackStaff works with companies of all industries and handles roles from entry to director level. With a short conversation we can filter out the irrelevant, and if we have an opportunity that aligns we can advocate for you and make sure your resume is seen. 


You never know when that dream job will come up, but we can help with that! Let us know a bit about your goals and experience and we will reach out when something exciting comes along. All of our services are free to candidates. We do not sell your information or share it with a company without your permission, so there’s no downside to a quick email or phone call. 


The industry is always changing and we’re more than happy to keep you updated. Curious about how your current role lines up with the job market or why you’re having trouble finding that next step? PackStaff can help.

PackStaff is Different

Not your normal recruiting firm

Most professionals have been contacted by a recruiter before. We are aware of the stereotypes. Recruiters in large firms often cast a wide net, so it’s likely you’ve been contacted about an “opportunity” that is in no way relevant to you and your career. Here is how PackStaff is different:


We know packaging. As recruiters working exclusively with Packaging Engineers, we understand what your experience means to an employer and will only bring you opportunities that line up. 


Our database is 100% confidential. Sharing your info with us doesn’t mean you’ll be bombarded with emails. Not willing to relocate? OK. Won’t consider anything below a certain salary point? No problem. Do you prefer a well-established company or the excitement of building a team from the ground up? Just let us know. The more we know about you, the more likely it is that we’ll be on target when we reach out.


 Much of our value is in our reputation. It’s true that we are paid by our clients and not candidates, but we pride ourselves on our ability to mediate an equitable agreement for both parties so that our candidates thrive in their new roles. We’d like to create a relationship with you that lasts your whole career. Let’s get started today!

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