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We can help you find your next Packaging Professional

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PackStaff, LLC is a leader in the recruiting of Packaging Engineers. Our clients are among the top companies in their respective markets, and are some of the most recognized firms in the country.

With more than 20 years of specific experience recruiting Packaging Professionals, we understand the nuances of your posting and can bring you qualified, on-target resumes.  Project Managers?  Developers?  Designers?  People managers?  We’ve got them all.  Does your company need someone familiar with government regulation, specialized materials, sustainability initiatives, or commercialization? We can do that too.




Our database has been built one phone call at a time over more than 20 years. We're connected with thousands of Packaging Engineers and have qualified candidates at our fingertips.

Our reputation and longevity means candidates will take our calls. If we don’t have the perfect candidate right away, we’ve got access to those who do.

Candidates read our emails. With an average open rate of 40%, we are able to make sure your job is seen. Our click rate is also well above the industry standard, meaning your job will be put in front of those that are truly interested in learning more.


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