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Contingency Search

PackStaff has been providing this service for over 25 years. Under this traditional model we actively recruit for your role using our industry contacts and detailed database to find the right candidate for you. 

Low Risk High Reward

With a Contingency Search you pay a percentage of the annual salary only if you hire a PackStaff candidate. There is no down payment and no risk of paying for a service that doesn't work for you. This is a great option for companies who prefer to use more than one firm or HR departments that don't have flexibility in their recruiting contracts.

High Fives

Quality Candidates

PackStaff knows the industry. We have been working with Packaging Engineers for decades and know what skills are relevant to your role. Our database has been built through personal interaction. In addition to their professional background, we know where candidates want to live, when their kids were born, and other personal information that helps us understand who could be the best possible fit.

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